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Miho Jensen



I'm Miho, who is passionate about creating things with JavaScript and JS Libraries.

My bio

I learned frontend programming languages on my own at the beginning. After resigning from my previous job as a bookkeeper, I had a chance to work on some projects with clients such as building websites and writing technical articles about JavaScript. That brought me to expand my knowledge.

I am a final-year student. So far I comprehensively have studied programming languages, IT-systems, IT-industries, and so on. Outside of university, I'm focusing on modern front-end development including UX-design.

In my private time, I enjoy going on a hike to beautiful mountains here in Bergen!


This site

This site is built by GatsbyJS, a static site generator. I used minimal-blog-theme provided by LekoArts and shadowed files. ("Shadowing" is a concept of Gatsby when you want to customize and make any changes from original themes)

Gatsby made this site faster and safer!

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